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Aberrant Bee is based in West Cumbria where the mountains meet the sea.  This site is dedicated to the huge lobes of ice that scoured valleys from the central Lakeland core and disappated as they touched a warmer coast.  The material carried was deposited in St Bees and that moraine provides us with a golf course today.  Formely a natural dam it collected a lake that searated Preston Isle [with Rottington and Sandwith] from the mainland.  The bed of this lake is the peat soil that is now the pitches of St Bees School.  The rivers that both flow - in opposite directions - from Mirehouse ponds now occupy that valley and flow south past former millls into the sea at Sea mill lane in St Bees.  Northwards they end at the recently regenerated harbour in Witehaven.

Further up the strip the human landscape gives way to Workington, easily identified by the coastal wind turbines.  Formely a centre of steel excellence and producing rails it has now diversified to trainers, paper products and the inevitable retail.  Carlisle, our capital is 50 miles to the north.  Whitehaven of a more histrorical nature is gateway to the Western lake.  The functions are more tourist orientated with The Beacon, Rum Story and an active harbour and marina.  Marchon chemical works now occupies a site curently being restored but the traditional jobs at Sellafield nuclear re-processing plant are now beng replaced with current inititives; call centres, the Westlakes science park and even Golf academies. 

Towards the south the strip narrows before becoming the national park and heading towards Bootle and Millom.



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